So, to start our vacation two weeks ago, we (me, my mom, dad and sister) went on a trip to Breda, NL.  We were supposed to stay there for the weekend. Well, it turned out differently…

We got up early for the two-hour drive, so we’d still have the rest of the day to ‘explore’ Breda. Our plan was to visit the city, go for some shopping, visit a museum and then Sunday we’d visit anathor museum. Before I go on, I have to say that it was carnival-weekend. We knew that after we booked and thought it was funny. What we didn’t know, was that people from Breda celebrate it BIG TIME.
So at first, my sister and I went shopping (Oh we bought alot!) while my parents visited a museum and the VVV (touristic bureau). We met a little later at a cafe. My dad told us that he went to the VVV en they said that tomorrow (Sunday), everything in and around Breda would be closed due to the carnival-weekend. So we had to come up with another plan. My dad tried to be funny and said: ‘Maybe we can go to Antwerp Zoo’. He didn’t expect the reaction my sister and I had. Ofcourse we wanted to go to Antwerp Zoo! You kidding? So, a new plan was made.

Next stop, around 6 P.M., we went to check in at our hotel. We saw a lot of people, dressed up, partying and making noise. At that point, we still thought it was funny. Then, my mom and dad returned. At the bali they told us that there was a party IN our hotel and it would go on the whole night. Also, we couldn’t park our car in town, so we had to park it 8kilometers further. Due to the carnival-parade on Sunday.  They wanted to offer us another hotel, a bit out of Breda were there were no parties, but it was fully booked.
We had to decide what to do next. So what we came up with: we were going back home, but on the way try to find a hotel (around Antwerp, Antwerp Zoo remember 😉 ) So that’s what we did! We found a nice hotel, close to the MAS (museum), found a nice place to eat and had a peaceful night.

DSC_1416-1-blog    DSC_1419-1-blog

We slept a bit longer and at breakfast we were deciding how our day would look like. We decided not to go to Antwerp Zoo, because of the weather (we wouldn’t see many animals). What we eventually did: we went for a 1h30 walk, close to the hotel and then drove back home. On the way, we went to a restaurant for lunch, and eventually we stopped at our grandparent’s home to say hi. Next, we went to the cinema to see ‘The Hobbit’. My sister hadn’t seen it yet, but we did. I didn’t mind, because I love the movie!

DSC_1422-blog  DSC_1463-blog

So, that was our ‘weekend in Breda’ ^^ After all, we did have a lot of fun! We laughed, had great quality-time and don’t forget our treasures we got from shopping! 😉

See you next post!

P.S.: sorry for the bad quality of the photos. I can assure you, the quality is much better in real than on this post!

xoxo Celine.


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