Mini shoplog

Hi !

So, lately I did some shopping – not only in Breda, but also in Roeselare and Gent.
I’ll show you guys what I bought there. I’ll keep the ‘Breda-stuff’ for another moment 😉

I really like the fact that you see studs everywhere. I personally love studs. Although I think you should be careful. Remember: less is more!

So, here we go.

I went to Roeselare for a quick-shop. I actually just needed a book for school, but hey, if you see shops and you have the time for it, I’d say; go for it!.
What I found in Roeselare is this cute jacket from Springfield. Originally it was €40, but sales are over and you can still find some bargains if you look for it. So I only paid €10 for it.Image

Next, I went to Gent. Also, not with the intention to go shopping. But I was wearing the wrong shoes to walk and my feet were hurting. Perfect excuse ofcourse to by some new shoes! And this is what I found: nicely studded, but not over the top. And it was only about €40.


So, what do you think about them? Is it something you would were? Comments are welcome ^_^

See you next time!

xoxo Celine.


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