Miley Cyrus as a style-goddess?

Hi !

I was surfing on the internet, reading some blogs, watching some videos on youtube… And I found many pictures of Miley Cyrus. I never really was a fan of her, I thought she had an ego and all – although I always was very jealous of her beautiful long hair! Anyway, I knew that a while ago obviously she cut her hair en dyed it blond, close to white. At first I was like; oh god, she needs some attention! But now actually, I have to admit that I probably got it way wrong. She seems more down to earth to me to be honest. More real, more herself. And I have to say; I love her style lately! Never thought I would ever say that.

Here are some pictures of outfits of hers I really like.

Miley-Cyrus---2013-Grammy-Awards-Pre-Grammy-Gala-05 Music_10-1_jpg_713830tmiley-cyrus-2013 Miley Cyrus-20130213-100

What do you guys think? Do you prefer the ‘new Miley’ or the ‘old Miley’?

xoxo Celine.


10 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus as a style-goddess?

  1. I personally think that her hair was soo pretty, and then she bleached it and cut it. I think it looks horrid. Some of her outfits are cute, but I think she needs to tone down the “slutty-ness” in a lot of her outfits lately. I kind of just lost my respect for her along time ago.
    Oh by the way, I followed(:

    • Well, that kinda was my first reaction aswell. She had such beautiful, long hair! I could never have done that if I was her. But I like the new haircut, even though it’s not as natural as before.

  2. I think her long, curly hair was so beautiful! Yet this haircut is so edgy and daring, I love it. She looks confident and happy and if that haircut gives her that confidence and happiness, who are we to say otherwise? 🙂 She has a great sense of fashion although some outfits are a bit over the top.

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