Tattoo ♥

Hi there!

I thought I might make a blog about my tattoo I got about a year ago. I wanted to have a tattoo for many years, but my parents didn’t alow me. Although I was already +18 – so legally I could get one without my parent’s permission – I still wanted their ‘blessing’.

I made the design myself. What I really wanted was a bird. All of a sudden, I saw many people with tattoos of a bird. Is it because I was thinking about it and for that noticing, or because it’s ‘in’ these days? Anyway, I still wanted that bird. But also something else: Sacred. Now the problem is, that in Dutch that is ‘heilig’, and ‘heilig’ also means ‘holy’. So it was possible that people would immediatly think about God. And that wasn’t my purpose.

Since I love elves and fairies, my sister came up with the idea to put it in Elvish. Which is: Aina. It sounded good too, so I went for Aina.


Now, the meaning of my tattoo is next:
The bird represents the fact that I’m getting older and therefor starting my own life. Going to college, having a boyfriend (a true one, not just a flirt), planning the future, getting independent…
But despite all this, I’m still quite young, a little girl in some ways. I still need people, I still need my parents. So Aina stands for everyone I love. Going from my parents to my grandparents, to my friends (old ones and new ones), to my siblings,… So that they actually are always with me.

I remember the moment I showed my grandma my tattoo and explained. She replied: “It’s beautiful. I don’t think I’m one of the persons who it stands for though.” And she smiled, as though it was the most natural thing to mean my friends with ‘important people’ and not my grandparents, who are older and stuff. I looked a bit weird and said: “Ofcourse you’re one of them! You belong to the main group of important people, you’re my grandmother!”.
I’ll never forget that moment.

DSC05007-1    DSC_3336-1

So, what do you guys think about tattoos? Or about mine? Do you have or want one? Comment below ^.^

xoxo Celine.


9 thoughts on “Tattoo ♥

    • Lovely! Something I wouldn’t mind having myself (but I guess, one on my foot is already enough, don’t want to have a zoo on my body hehe). I’d love to get some more. I’ve got many ideas already. But my boyfriend doesn’t like tattoos at all. I can have one more he says. So I have to think about it very well 😉 What about you?

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