Incredible India

Namasthe !

There are some Erasmus-students from India in our school currently. Today they gave a presentation on their country and on their social studies (and how social work is in their country and stuff). It was very very interesting! I must say, they have a very interesting culture.
They also showed some photographs from their country. It’s so beautiful there! I mean, I already new that, but seeing it again… At one point we talked about weddings. They showed a video about a typical Indian wedding. Lots of colors ofcourse. It was really beautiful. I’d love to go there once, but ofcourse, it’s not nearby. I hope one day I will get there!

It was nice to see the differences. We were aloud to ask questions (Oh, and I asked them! 😉 ). One of the things that really stood out for me, was how it’s very rare for them to be living together and have babies and stuff, but not get married. I mean, here in Belgium (and other coutries ofcourse) we have situations like that all around us. But there, it’s quite weird.

I also asked them what they thought of Belgium so far. A response was: “I like it how many bicycles you see”. I thought that was funny at first. But they explained, in India they rarely ride bicycles. They haven’t even got bicycle paths. Such a weird idea for me to be honest. That’s how you notice how different countries and cultures can be. I really like exploring new cultures! I think we can all learn from eachother.


So, what do you guys think of different cultures? Or about India? I’m curious ^_^

xoxo Celine.


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