Hi !

As you know – or don’t know – I went to Breda a few weeks ago. I did some shopping there and promised you to make shoplog about it. Well, this is it! I’m excited because I really like the cloths I bought. Most of them are from C&A. I really like that store. I always find something and it isn’t expensive. Also the quality is quite good. In the Netherlands, C&A-stores are way bigger than those in Belgium since they are originally from there. So I went treasure-hunting and these are the results. Hope you like them!

PicMonkey Collage-1  C&A

PicMonkey Collage 4-1  C&A

PicMonkey Collage 3-1  The Sting

PicMonkey Collage 2-1  Pieces

So, what do you think of them? Do you like shopping in C&A or what are your favorite stores? Tell me! ^_^

P.S.: If you want to read my post about Breda, you can find it here.

xoxo Celine.


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