Disney-weekend ♡

Hi !

I’ve been so busy lately! School, friends, boyfriend, family,… But ofcourse, that’s no reason to forget about you guys. So, I’ll give you a short look into my weekend. Last year, I had a Harry Potter-marathon with some friends. It was so much fun, we decided to do another one. After a long while of thinking and discussing, we came up with: a Disney-weekend.

And that’s what we did past weekend. We went shopping together for some drinks and food and we all had a surprise for the others. One friend made some delicious cupcakes and another one made a goodie-bag with candy and pictures and stuff. It was so much fun!
I went to my sister’s house to borrow some of her Disney-DVD’s (she has pretty much all of them and I have all of the Tinkerbell-DVD’s) and here’s a list of the ones we wachted:

– Finding Nemo
– Tinkerbell and the great fairy rescue
– Pocahontas
– Tangled
– Jungle Book (halfway this one we all fell asleep though, it was already kinda late)
– Peter Pan
– Tinkerbell and the lost treasure

We also wanted to watch the lion king, but for some reason it wouldn’t work. It was an amazing weekend though and we had a lot of fun! Here are some pictures to get you guys in the mood:




This is how we decided which movie we were going to watch ^_^


So, I would like to know, do you guys sometimes do a ‘theme-weekend’ or anything like it? Comment! Also, do you like Disney?


xoxo Celine.


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