Three styles in fashionland


Lately, as you might have noticed, there are some new ‘trends’ in fashionland. I think it’s been a while since it’s so… overwhelming. I think this year, fashion is taking it to a whole new level and opinions are very different. This year, I think even people who don’t know a thing about fashion, even have a true opinion.

So, as I said in the title: fashion currently has three styles.

1. Pastel
pastels fashion street style pink suit shorts jackets id throw on a skinny turquoise belt though  pastel-fashion-16
This style, I do not like so much. Mostly because I can’t wear it, at all. It makes me look like I’m sick or something. I’ve got dark brow hair and I’m quite pale. This means I definitely need color in my clothing. Strong colors.  For other people, I think it’s okay. Yes, sometimes even beautiful. But since I see all those cloths in the stores that I can’t wear, this definitely has influences on my opinion.


2. Fluo
Fluo-Christopher-Kane  BQcDAAAAAwoDanBnAAAABC5vdXQKFm1fdnl5RDJmUUdxQ2MtbUpaTkdjc1EAAAACaWQKAXgAAAAEc2l6ZQ
This style isn’t my thing either. I think it’s too much. Definitely don’t like this style. I do like a fluo accent in clothing (a zipper, button, small jewelry,…) but it can’t be over the top. What happened to less is more?


3. Army style
balmain-spring-2010-military-look  Korean-Style-font-b-Ladies-b-font-Fashion-Black-font-b-Army-b-font-font-b
This is absolutely my thing. I love this style! But also with this, less is more. So don’t go over the top with it, it’s nice when you can still see the difference between someone in this style and someone who actually is in the army 😉


These three styles are very often combined with something that is really hot this time: studs. And I love them too. My personal favorite: studded jackets and boots. Army style.  l_womens-fashion-flats-studs-patent-leather-boots-shoes-c6d7  tumblr_mih2tj6RY11s3as17o1_500



Oh and Peter Pan collars ofcourse. Also very hot lately and I love them too.




Now, this is the part of fashion that is the most fun: combining! Use all the elements a mentioned above and combine endlessly!

tumblr_mef88iNaqz1rj51hoo1_500  1134_194_Become_a_Trend_Trend_Fashion_Collar_Back_in_the_Year_2012



Now, tell me: what do you guys think of this years’ fashion? What’s your favorite? Comment! ^_^


xoxo Celine.


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