Top 3 day ~ Actors/Actresses

Hi !

I think it’s about time to make a new ‘Top 3 day’. For this time, I chose to make an Actor/Actresses Top 3.
And here they are!

1. Johnny Depp.
Next to the fact that he’s the hottest male of his age, he also is an amazing actor. He can definitely handle every part. He can play funny, serious, crazy and also a combination of all these characters. So definitely, Johnny Depp.
Also I really like Tim Burton and he likes Johnny too. So a Tim Burton movie, with Johnny Depp: definitely my favorite movie!
Johnny Depp Wallpapers -6


2. Helena Bonham Carter
She’s definitely amazing aswell. Also she plays in many Tim Burton movies (Sweeny Todd, a corpse bride, Alice in wonderland,…). Hmm, I wonder why that would be? ;-).
Anyways, I also love her as Bellatrix le Strange in Harry Potter! Jep, she really belongs in my top 3.


3. Freddy Highmore
Totally different as number 1 and 2, I admit. But still, he’s so cute! Can’t help it. I watched ‘Arthur and the minimoys’ about 12 times in a few months. But the movie I like the most, is ‘August Rush’. I cry every time at the end and I think he plays his part amazingly.


One of my favorite movies is: Charlie and the chocolate factory.
Guess why? Yes, all three on my top 3 play in it 😉

Now tell me, who are your favorite actors/actresses? And do you like my top 3?


xoxo Celine.


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