Istanbul (2)

Hi again!

Day 2 of my Istanbul-trip last week. Again, very cold and very rainy. The first thing I bought was an umbrella and so did most of us. But, we saw some beautiful things! We first went to the gate of ‘Top Kapı palace’. Next to that, there’s a water source, build by a Sultan (well, by his men actually, but in his order). That meant that he was assured of a place in heaven when he died.

Image Image

Next we took a boat to Asia. When we were on the boat we saw some jellyfish and even some dolphins! I found it really spectacular since I’ve only seen dolphins in a dolphinarium.
When we arrived in Asia (which is still Turkey though) it was still raining. But we visited a mosque and went inside it. There we learned how they pray. It was quite interesting. After that, we made a little walk (okay, we first went to a restaurant and ate something but that’s not the most important) and saw ‘Kiz Kulesi’. It’s a tower on an island with many tales. One of them is this:
There was a father who heard in a prophecy that his daughter would die from a snakebite. He didn’t want this to happen, so he built the tower on an island and locked her in there. The only person who came and visit her, was him. Every day he came with a little boat and a basket with some food and drinks. One day, he did the same, but didn’t see that on the bottom, there was a snake who hid there. So he gave the basket to his daughter and left again. The snake came out of the basket en bit the girl. And so, she still died from a snakebite, as the prophecy said.


When we went back to Europe, we went through a park and there we saw a statue of ‘Atatürk’. We were cold and went back to the hotel and then went out to eat something and have a drink.
So, still a very cold and rainy day BUT very interesting and fun!

Will the weather stay like this or not during my visit? Find out tomorrow! 😉

xoxo Celine.



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