Istanbul (3)


Time to tell you guys more about my third day in Istanbul last week. This day, we went to visit some places that have links with our studies (social studies). The first was ‘Lambda’, which is a organization for gays and transgenders. We could ask them questions about everything. It was very interesting to see the differences in how they deal with such things in Turkey and Belgium.

Next, we went to ‘Leman’, which is a magazine full of controversial cartoons. This I liked the most. We could look into some of the magazines and, for the bits I understood of it, it was quite funny indeed.


As third, we went to visit a place for girls between 12 and 18 years where they could make there homework, follow workshops, get some help,… That also was very interesting. Too bad they have to close in a few months though.


Between these three visits, we walked through Istanbul ofcourse. But we didn’t visit anything specific. Still, it was a nice day! And: the sun was shining! It wasn’t cold at all and it wasn’t raining.


In the evening, we went out with the whole group. Drank something, did some water pipe and again, they taught  us their dance! It was a perfect ending of day 3.

How did day 4 go? I’ll tell you tomorrow! 😉


xoxo Celine.


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