Istanbul (4)


It’s a bit later than the other days, but that’s because I’ve been babysitting since 7 a.m.
But here it is: a post about my 4th day in Istanbul last week! On this day, we visited the more historical part of Istanbul. To start off, we went to see the ‘Blue Mosquee’. Incredible building I must say! So beautiful on the inside aswell. I tried to capture it on photograph, but I think you have to see it to really see it. If you know what I mean. Ofcourse, it was very crowded with tourists. That’s a pity I think. But on the other hand, I was also a tourist 😉

Image Image


Next, we visited the Obelisk. It was nice, but not overly special I’d say.

After that, we went back to the Aya Sophia, which was close to our hotel. We didn’t go inside, but we did stay at the fountain in front of the Aya Sophia. Since it was a nice warm day, it was very cosy there.

Then we walked around a bit and went to dinner. We sat outside, in the sun… Aahh, that was nice!
To end, we visited the water reservoirs. It was a bit underground and dark with some lights. Very beautiful! We could also see fish swimming there. And theg played some calming music. Very nice place.

Actually, that wasn’t the end. We also visited the ‘Grand Bazaar’. That was something! Really special atmosphere. Couldn’t work there all day though. And to really end this day, again, we went out a bit. It was our last night out in Istanbul so we ordered a ‘fishbowl’ of ‘sex on the beach’. Also we danced (gangnam style and stuff 😉 ) It was a fantastic day!

Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about my last day in Istanbul last week. Stay tuned!


xoxo Celine.


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