Istanbul (5)

Hi !

Today I started with my scrapbook about Istanbul. I was so caught up in it, I almost forgot blogging about my last day! But, here it is.

The last day, was a ‘a bit of everything’-day. We visited the Grand Bazaar again, did some walking and bought many things (since they pay in Turkish Liras, that money needed to go hehe).

We made a last group-photo with a Belgian magazine ‘Flair’. You can send it to them and maybe they’ll post it in  one of the next editions.


Then, back to the airport. I felt sick to be honest, so I wasn’t so happy going on the plane. But after about a half an hour in the air, I felt already much better. Around 12 p.m. I could finally go back in my own bed. It was so amazing!

I’ll soon post a ‘shoplog’ from Istanbul. But it won’t be with clothing though! It will be about my souvernirs 😉

Oh by the way, the weather was the best on this last day! Very warm.

See you next time!


xoxo Celine.


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