Istanbul – shoplog !


It’s been a week since I posted something, I know. Very sorry! I’ve got two weeks vacation now (well, the first week is already over) and you’d think I’ve got more time to blog. Well, the opposite is true. I’ve been so busy!

But, as I promised: I’m making a shoplog from Istanbul. I’m very excited since I think I bought some awesome stuff. So here it is 😀

I’ll start with my favorites:

I paid 18 TL (which is about €9) for both. I’m really in love with them ^-^

Image Image

Next is my scarf. I fell in love with it immediately. Love the colors so much! It’s brown with some kind of goldish/mustard yellow. This cousts 8 TL (€4).


Next, I’ll show you a souvenir I bought for my brother. I bought the same for my father, but in a different color. This blue eye, you see everywhere. It says to keep away the evil. First thing my brother did when I told him this, was pushing it in my face. Very funny… Hehe.
It was 5 TL (about €2,5) for two.


Next, is this apple tea. So delicious! Doesn’t taste like tea though, more like warm applejuice. But still, it’s soooo nice! You can get it pretty much everywhere in Istanbul. I can’t remember how much I paid for it, but it wasn’t much.


Also, I bought some earrings for my sister, a scarf for my mother, another keyring with the blue eye for my boyfriend and some Turkish Delight. I haven’t got any pictures of those unfortunately.


Tell me, what do you think? And do you like apple tea and/or Turkish Delight?


xoxo Celine.


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