Things I bought lately !


This will be a post about some things I bought lately.
Oh I need to tell you something first! One of my best friends went to India last week. She brought me some souvenirs. I’ll definitely post them soon!

And yesterday was my birthday *yeay*. I’m 21 now! That means: officially an adult in the whole world. Since the party with my family will be in may, I still don’t have all of my presents. But when I do, I’ll show them to you guys!

Now here’s my shoplog.

My parents recently were married for 25 years. So there was a big party, ofcourse! And I needed a new dress for that. After a shoppingday in Bruges, this is the result:Image Mango – €34,99

Also, I found a beautiful shirt. I just couldn’t leave it there so bought it.

Image Mango – €15

I went to Ypres too with my parents. There I bought this beautiful belt:

Image T.A.S. – € 7,50

And, with my parents and sister we went to Sluis, in the Netherlands.
Since I don’t have anything to put on my head for the summer, I was looking for a hat. I finally found one and here it is:

Image Charles Vögele – € 17,99


So, that’s about it. What do you think? Let me know!

Till next time!


xoxo Celine.


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