Apologies, update & big news !

Hi there!

First off, I want to apologize. It’s been over a year since I blogged and there are many reasons for that.
It’s been a very busy year for me. First, I had my internship in Ypres where I had to word six out of seven days from 8.30 a.m. till 6 p.m. After that, I still had a lot of schoolwork to do. I hardly had any me-time so there wasn’t any blog-time left. But, I had a great time in Ypres! Met some amazing people, had a great experience and learned a lot.

After the internship was over, I still had my thesis to do, which was about autism. Very interesting, but it took me a while to finish it. Anyhow, last monday (which is three days ago) I had to bring it forward, talk about it, answer questions,… all in front of a jury. I was very very nervous for that but they said it was okay! *happy dance*. Tonight, after 6 p.m. I’ll get my results, but I already know that I passed. Which means that I am graduated! I have got my bachelors degree and I can start working now. End of august, I can start an interim job at the place I did my internship. My mentor recommended me, which makes me very happy.
So this was the big news: I graduated ánd I have my first job! I’m very excited. Also, I will try to blog more from now on.

Last year I went to Lisbon, Portugal with my sister. It’s been a year so I’m not going to blog about it, but I can recommend you some things and I’ll also post a picture. We made to daytrips during our stay in Lisbon: we went to Sintra and to Cascais. Sintra was really beautiful and you should definitely go and see it. You can go by train form Lisbon and it’s only about an hour on that train. Very easy and not expensive! Sintra was more cultural and Cascais was more of a rest: great beach. We wanted to go to a beach or swimming pool since it was so hot there, and they recommended Cascais. We also wanted to visit Belem, but didn’t have the time since we were only about 6 days in Lisbon. Anyway, I would definitely recommend it!


This year, I’m going to Scotland for two weeks. I’m very excited! And I’ll blog you when I’m back.


What have you guys been upto?


xoxo Celine.



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