Belgian Red Devils.


No one can escape from it: it’s the fifa world cup in Brasil.
Since I’m from Belgium, I obviously cheer for the Belgian Red Devils, even though I’m not really a fan of football. I love how everywhere you go in Belgium at the moment, you see the Belgian flag. On the windows, on cars, people with shirts on,… The feeling of belonging, the feeling of being one is quite nice.

During the summer, I’m working in a daycare for children between 2,5 and 12 years old. Every week we’re working around another theme. This week was entirely in sign of football, mostly because last tuesday the Red Devils had to play against the U.S.A. Since they won, they’re playing against Argentina this evening. So we had enough reasons to work around that theme.

I had this nice idea of making a big Belgian and Brazilian flag. The kids were divided in groups and every one had another color they had to paint with. Instead of using brushes, the kids used their hands to paint with. More stamping actually. In the Belgian flag you can really see that they painted with their hands, in the Brazilan flag it wasn’t so obvious. But I’m so proud of the result and the kids had zo much fun! It was very successful I’d like to say. So as a way of supporting for tonight, I’m sharing the results to you guys!

DSC_3272-1.jpg      DSC_3273-1


Who are you cheering for this evening or in general? And what do you think of our flags? Comment!


xoxo Celine.


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