Sand Sculpture Festival Ostend.


Yesterday I went to Ostend, to the Sand Sculpture Festival. Every year in july and august, the Festival opens with a new theme (mostly Disney-related). This year the theme was ‘Disneyland Paris’. It’s been many years since I wanted to go but for some reason I never got there. Although, a few years ago (well, actually more like 10 years ago or something) I did go to the Sand Sculpture Festival. The theme then was dinosaurs. Sadly I can’t remember much of it. Anyway, I really wanted to show you guys some pictures of the Festival since it’s so amazing! I have no idea how they do it: to make such beautiful sculptures out of sand. Ofcourse, it’s not normal sand. They put something in it (I have no idea what) so it would last. But still, you have to be a real artist to make something like that! I really enjoyed it.



If you want to know more about the Sand Sculpture Festival, here is the link:

I hope you enjoyed the photos! Also, do you like Disney? Or would you prefer another theme. Let me know in the comments!


xoxo Celine.


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