Hi there!

I’m back in Belgium since a few days! Back from my trip to Scotland, which was amazing: lovely views, lovely company, lovely Scottish people, lovely culture.. and very nice food! Also, we were quite lucky with the weather I’d say. Even though the weather was better the week before we arrived, we still couldn’t complain. With an average of 20°C and a few rainy moments once in a while, we were able to walk around without any jackets on most of the time. Ofcourse, it’s Scotland: you can’t expect 30°C and sunshine all day, can you.

Since we were away for about 16 days, I’m not going to tell everything, but I will show you some highlights of our trip to Scotland.

My favorite day was the day we went to Skye. We were lucky to have a beautiful day with open skies, so we could see the amazing nature around us. The main reason you go to Skye is for the nature, since there’s not much more than that. My sister and I did our best to take pictures of it, but you can never get it on camera as it is in real life: it’s breathtaking. Here are some pictures of it, but you should really go and see for yourself to really have an idea of the beauty.
DSC_3754 panorama-1

DSC_3785 panorama-1

On that day, it was also my boyfriend his birthday: he became 23 years! *happy dance* That’s worth mentioning I think 😉 Also a highlight of the trip!

Another highlight for me was the day we went to a Safari Parc in Blair Drummond. Okay, it’s not something you have to go to Scotland for, but since you’re there, it’s fun to do. We saw many animals and I felt like a little kid again! I’ve always liked animals – as long as they don’t come to close to me.
So here are some pictures of that day (the chimp was staring at us really mad as if we were some creeps, all watching at him. Well, actually, we were..):


DSC_3963 - kopie-1


A last highlight I want to share with you is the sunset on the boat during the way back home. We – my boyfriend and I – were standing on the deck, watching the sun go down into the water. It was zo peaceful and beautiful! I know, it’s also a cliché, but it was a really special experience. Two years ago, when we returned from our trip to Northern England, we also watched the sunset together. But for some reason, this time was even more special.


So, that was it about my trip to Scotland. Hope you enjoyed this blog and if you’re thinking about going to Scotland, I’d say: just do it! 😉

Did you ever go to Scotland? And what was your highlight?

xoxo Celine.


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