Shoplog Scotland !

Hi !

I’ promised to make a shoplog about Scotland, so here it is! It took me a bit longer than I planned, because one of the clothing pieces was in laundry 😉

It’s not that I went shopping that much, but I really love what I bought, so I don’t want to keep it from you guys.

I went to Primark twice; once in Inverness and once in Edinburgh. When I was in Inverness, I bought these two lovely blouses for 10£ each (which is about €12 or 13):

Primark - 10 pond Primark - 10pond

I also saw a dress I really liked. But when I saw it hanging there, I thought it was way too short to were as a dress but also way too long to were as a blouse. When we went to Edinburgh, I saw the dress again and fell in love with it for the second time. This time, my sister was with me and she convinced me to try it on. So I did and I was sure: this dress is going home with me! 😉 So I bought it for 13£, which is about €16.

Primark - 13 pond

Two years ago, when I was in Northern England, I bought I really nice wallet. After two years, I decided it was time for a new one and where better to buy it than in Scotland. So I was looking at all the wallets that came by and found this amazing one in Accessorize for 15£ (about €18 or 19). The lady behind the desk told me she really loved the color and I admitted that I also loved the color and that it was the main reason for buying this wallet. So here it is:

accessorize - 15 pond

I didn’t really buy a souvenir that really screams ‘Scotland’, except for the last minute extra birthdaypresent (‘extra’, because I already bought him ‘Kubb’, a fun, Swedish outdoor game. Look it up if you don’t know it yet!) for my boyfriend: a little wooden Highland cow with ‘I love Scotland’ written on it. Quite expensive for being so small and simple, but very lovely.

So, this was my shoplog from Scotland! I didn’t buy extremely much, but then again: I wasn’t there to shop, but to explore the country ;). Hope you enjoyed reading this and please let me know in the comments if you like Primark. For me it was the first time I went to a Primark and I liked it.

xoxo Celine.


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