Cards & where I got my inspiration

Hi there!

A few days ago I made a new set of cards and I absolutely adore them. It doesn’t seem as if I made them myself, it’s as if I just bought them. And that’s what I really like. 
My inspiration for this I got from Scotland – again Scotland, I know, I just really had a great time there! One day it was starting to rain heavily (really, in Scotland??) and we decided to take shelter in a little cute shop with all these adorable decoration stuff and cute presents. I saw some great cards there, using pearls with letters on. I’ve got some of those pearls left from when I was younger and kept them, even though I knew I would never use them to make bracelets anymore. I remembered the idea and back home, I made it myself. Here is the result! Hope you guys like it 🙂 



Proficiat-1 Note: ‘proficiat’ is Dutch and means ‘congratulations’ 😉

Thank You-1


Where do you get your inspiration form? Inspiration for making things, doing things, buy things, go to places,…

xoxo Celine.


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