Ice Sculptures

Hi guys!

So I wanted to post this a while ago, but for some reasons I never got to it. I’ve been very busy lately. First we got all the holidays which didn’t leave me with much spare time. Next, I also got sick for a while so every moment where I wasn’t working, I was laying in the sofa or in bed to rest. Also there are some big changes coming up for me. Both in my personal as in my working life. I’m not going to tell you more about it because it’s all still realy vague .

Anyway, about a month ago, I went to the Ice Sculptures in Bruges with my boyfriend. The Ice Sculptures are there every year, each year with another theme. Last year it was ‘Frozen’ (yes, from the Disney movie!) but we never got to go. This year it was ‘The Hobbit’. We finally got to go and after that, we went to the cinema en watched to last part of the Hobbit trilogy.

So here are some pictures I’ve been wanting to show you guys for over a month. Enjoy!!

DSC_4852-1 DSC_4854-1 DSC_4863-1 DSC_4886-1 DSC_4897-1
And before I forget: I hope you had lovely holidays with your family and friends. And I wish you all the best for 2015!

xoxo Celine.


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