Top 3 day – youtube collab videos

Hi there!

I was watching some youtube videos (something I absolutely love doing) and I came up with the idea of making a ‘top three youtubers collab videos’. At the moment, some of my favorite youtubers are Zoella, Alfie, Marcus Butler, Tyler Oakley  and Niomi Smart.

Lately I’m really loving the challenge-videos, just because, you know, they’re really funny. So, here’s what my (current) top three is:

  1. Myler (Marcus and Tyler) are having a great time singing songs with helium. You really have to check the background because sometimes you think it’s just Marcus singing, and then all of a sudden, you can see Tyler in the background, twerking around. Loving it.
  1. The Disney Challenge with Zoella and Tyler. Really simple: I love Zoella. I’m literally watching all of her videos. I absolutely love Tyler (especially in collabs) and I truly love Disney! There’s no better combination than this I’d say.
    By the way, they also decided to do a rematch. If you loved the first video, you’ll really love the second!.
  1. Last but not least: Marcus and Zoella accent challenge. I really like accent-videos. It’s funny how people interpret the ‘sounds’ of different languages. Especially when they try to do Dutch 😉

So I hope you liked this post (I’m feeling like a youtuber saying this). You should definitely check out these videos and let me know what your favorites are!

Xoxo Celine.


Shoplog Scotland !

Hi !

I’ promised to make a shoplog about Scotland, so here it is! It took me a bit longer than I planned, because one of the clothing pieces was in laundry 😉

It’s not that I went shopping that much, but I really love what I bought, so I don’t want to keep it from you guys.

I went to Primark twice; once in Inverness and once in Edinburgh. When I was in Inverness, I bought these two lovely blouses for 10£ each (which is about €12 or 13):

Primark - 10 pond Primark - 10pond

I also saw a dress I really liked. But when I saw it hanging there, I thought it was way too short to were as a dress but also way too long to were as a blouse. When we went to Edinburgh, I saw the dress again and fell in love with it for the second time. This time, my sister was with me and she convinced me to try it on. So I did and I was sure: this dress is going home with me! 😉 So I bought it for 13£, which is about €16.

Primark - 13 pond

Two years ago, when I was in Northern England, I bought I really nice wallet. After two years, I decided it was time for a new one and where better to buy it than in Scotland. So I was looking at all the wallets that came by and found this amazing one in Accessorize for 15£ (about €18 or 19). The lady behind the desk told me she really loved the color and I admitted that I also loved the color and that it was the main reason for buying this wallet. So here it is:

accessorize - 15 pond

I didn’t really buy a souvenir that really screams ‘Scotland’, except for the last minute extra birthdaypresent (‘extra’, because I already bought him ‘Kubb’, a fun, Swedish outdoor game. Look it up if you don’t know it yet!) for my boyfriend: a little wooden Highland cow with ‘I love Scotland’ written on it. Quite expensive for being so small and simple, but very lovely.

So, this was my shoplog from Scotland! I didn’t buy extremely much, but then again: I wasn’t there to shop, but to explore the country ;). Hope you enjoyed reading this and please let me know in the comments if you like Primark. For me it was the first time I went to a Primark and I liked it.

xoxo Celine.

Top 3 day ~ Heels

Hi there!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘top 3 -day’. I felt so bad about this, since I’ve got thousands of ideas on making top 3’s.  One of my favorites is the ‘heels top 3’, which actually means I get to show off my favorite heels. So excited! Here it is:

1. My absolute favorite heels, without a doubt, are these black pumps with a wide heel. They literally fit with every outfit, no matter the color or pattern of your outfit or the wheater.
They are from Marco Tozzi, which is my favorite when it comes to shoes.


2. My second favorite heels are these red ones. When I wear them, it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing heels, which is definitely a plus!


3. Number three on my list are these from Sacha. I saw them and had to have them! I had seen a wallet with the exact same pattern and fabric, which I loved so mush. Everytime I saw it, I wanted to buy it but never did. So when I saw there were shoes with this pattern I couldn’t leave them in that shop.





So this was it! What are your favorites in my top three? Or are there any you don’t like at all? Leave it in a comment and see you next time!


xoxo Celine.

Top 3 ~ bands


As I promised; a new Top 3 day! Last week I didn’t make one since I was in Istanbul, sorry!

So for today’s Top 3, I chose ‘bands’. There’s so many beautiful music. It’s really hard to pick out only 3, but I managed. I want to say, that doesn’t mean that other bands aren’t good in my opinion, NOT AT ALL. These three are just my favourites.
Also notice, it’s bands I’m talking about, not artists. If I’d include artists aswell, I would only make it harder for myself. And what’s the point in doing that? ^-^

So here it is (I noticed all three bands are European, funny?):

1. Tokio Hotel

Oh yes, I am a Tokio Hotel girl. Since a while now, even before they were really famous in Europe, so in America not at all. I just love their music, and their personalities. Allthough I also think that Bill’s outfits sometimes are a bit ‘over the top’, I still think it’s nice from him to express himself. Now back to the music. I prefer the German songs instead of the English ones. It’s something different for a change. I can’t wait ’till their next album comes out! (Cause yes, they’re working on one)
Check them out!


2. Customs

This band isn’t famous outside of Europe. It’s a Belgian band I like alot. I’ve seen them live for over 10 times already and I can’t get enough of them. Also they are very nice to their fans (always tell me happy birthday on my facebook ^-^ ), they try to chat with you for a while. And the music, it’s just to dream away with! Check them out!
Also, the lead singer Kristof has a side project ‘August Albert’. Also worth checking out!

3. Sabaton

Swedish power metal. They sing about historical events such as D-day and others. The music really keeps you going and live they are amazing! They really interact with their crowd. If you have a chance, come see them live once. I’ve seen them twice already and one’s coming up 😉 Check them out! 

Now it’s time for your opinion. Shout them out! Also, if you didn’t know one (or more) of these bands and checked them out, let me know what you think.


xoxo Celine.

Top 3 day ~ Actors/Actresses

Hi !

I think it’s about time to make a new ‘Top 3 day’. For this time, I chose to make an Actor/Actresses Top 3.
And here they are!

1. Johnny Depp.
Next to the fact that he’s the hottest male of his age, he also is an amazing actor. He can definitely handle every part. He can play funny, serious, crazy and also a combination of all these characters. So definitely, Johnny Depp.
Also I really like Tim Burton and he likes Johnny too. So a Tim Burton movie, with Johnny Depp: definitely my favorite movie!
Johnny Depp Wallpapers -6


2. Helena Bonham Carter
She’s definitely amazing aswell. Also she plays in many Tim Burton movies (Sweeny Todd, a corpse bride, Alice in wonderland,…). Hmm, I wonder why that would be? ;-).
Anyways, I also love her as Bellatrix le Strange in Harry Potter! Jep, she really belongs in my top 3.


3. Freddy Highmore
Totally different as number 1 and 2, I admit. But still, he’s so cute! Can’t help it. I watched ‘Arthur and the minimoys’ about 12 times in a few months. But the movie I like the most, is ‘August Rush’. I cry every time at the end and I think he plays his part amazingly.


One of my favorite movies is: Charlie and the chocolate factory.
Guess why? Yes, all three on my top 3 play in it 😉

Now tell me, who are your favorite actors/actresses? And do you like my top 3?


xoxo Celine.

Top 3 ~ youtube

Hi guys!

I’ve been thinking. I love making lists and stuff and of many things, I have favorites. And I would love to share them with you! So I decided to make ‘Top 3’-lists. Since today’s Monday, I would love to call it ‘Top 3-Monday’, but I know myself: I would never keep up with it every Monday. So let’s call it: ‘Top 3-day‘.

I hereby declare this day as the very first ‘Top 3-day’! *yeay* ^_^

To start, I’ll make a Top 3 of my favorite youtubers. Here it is:
1. Secretlifeofabionerd
2. bubzbeauty
3. Brennaboo123b

Let’s give a little explanation.
Secretlifeofabionerd: I love her vids. Simple as that. They are all very different and she doesn’t stick with one subject. She talks about fashion, beauty, DIY,… And, I think she’s very pretty *blush*
Bubzbeauty: I can’t really put my finger on it, but there is something about her that always makes me feel good, makes me feel happy. I think it’s her enthousiasm about… well, about everything actually. She makes really good and nice videos, mostly about beauty.
Brennaboo123b: Well, she is manly in my top 3 because I think she’s kinda perfect. She’s stunning, nice and she’s really artistic! She has some videos about her painting and really, I wish I could paint like her.

You should definitely check those three out!


Sooo, again, I would like to know your opinion! Do you agree with my top 3? Who are your favorite youtubers? Comment! ^_^


xoxo Celine.