New cards, a bird-series

Hi everybody!

So I noticed lately I make my cards in some kind of series. Last time I showed you some cards with little pearls and now I’ve made a new series. It’s a ‘Bird-series’. I have found this cute little pattern of a bird which I loved so much, I started drawing many birds on my scrapbookpaper and cut them out. I was left with all these birds, so I decided to make cards with them. I think they’re really cute and fun, but maybe a bit childish. I might use them for a newborn or a childs birthday. What do you think I can use them for?

Snapchat-20140922025357-1 Snapchat-20140922025420-1 Snapchat-20140922025435-1 Snapchat-20140922025448-1 Snapchat-20140922025506-1 Snapchat-20140922025534-1

I’m really sorry for the bad quality of my photos lately. I’m getting a bit lazy and I’m making my pictures with my phone instead of my camera. So sorry for that!

Also; I’ve made some cute Christmascards already. I will show them to you guys, but I thought it’s still a bit early for Christmascards, so you’ll have to wait a few weeks.

See you guys soon!

xoxo Celine.


Cards & where I got my inspiration

Hi there!

A few days ago I made a new set of cards and I absolutely adore them. It doesn’t seem as if I made them myself, it’s as if I just bought them. And that’s what I really like. 
My inspiration for this I got from Scotland – again Scotland, I know, I just really had a great time there! One day it was starting to rain heavily (really, in Scotland??) and we decided to take shelter in a little cute shop with all these adorable decoration stuff and cute presents. I saw some great cards there, using pearls with letters on. I’ve got some of those pearls left from when I was younger and kept them, even though I knew I would never use them to make bracelets anymore. I remembered the idea and back home, I made it myself. Here is the result! Hope you guys like it 🙂 



Proficiat-1 Note: ‘proficiat’ is Dutch and means ‘congratulations’ 😉

Thank You-1


Where do you get your inspiration form? Inspiration for making things, doing things, buy things, go to places,…

xoxo Celine.

First day at work & DIY Todo-book

Hi everybody!

As I told you a few posts ago, I’ve graduated recently and I’m starting my first job. Yesterday was the day: my first day at work. Well actually, my official first day is this Thursday, but there was an important meeting yesterday and it would be good for me to be there.

I noticed that  I’ll have to do a lot of planning in my job and there are many things that I should remember. Having a todo-list will be necessary. But having a list for everyday will be confusing after a while, so I decided I needed a Todo-book. I didn’t feel like bying one since I’ve got many old notebooks left (as I told you in one of my previous posts: DIY Notebook), so I made one! The principle is the same as for the notebooks, I just added ‘To Do’ on it. I must say that I’m quite proud of the result: it’s cute and girly, without being childish.

Hope you like it!


xoxo. Celine

Shoplog Scotland !

Hi !

I’ promised to make a shoplog about Scotland, so here it is! It took me a bit longer than I planned, because one of the clothing pieces was in laundry 😉

It’s not that I went shopping that much, but I really love what I bought, so I don’t want to keep it from you guys.

I went to Primark twice; once in Inverness and once in Edinburgh. When I was in Inverness, I bought these two lovely blouses for 10£ each (which is about €12 or 13):

Primark - 10 pond Primark - 10pond

I also saw a dress I really liked. But when I saw it hanging there, I thought it was way too short to were as a dress but also way too long to were as a blouse. When we went to Edinburgh, I saw the dress again and fell in love with it for the second time. This time, my sister was with me and she convinced me to try it on. So I did and I was sure: this dress is going home with me! 😉 So I bought it for 13£, which is about €16.

Primark - 13 pond

Two years ago, when I was in Northern England, I bought I really nice wallet. After two years, I decided it was time for a new one and where better to buy it than in Scotland. So I was looking at all the wallets that came by and found this amazing one in Accessorize for 15£ (about €18 or 19). The lady behind the desk told me she really loved the color and I admitted that I also loved the color and that it was the main reason for buying this wallet. So here it is:

accessorize - 15 pond

I didn’t really buy a souvenir that really screams ‘Scotland’, except for the last minute extra birthdaypresent (‘extra’, because I already bought him ‘Kubb’, a fun, Swedish outdoor game. Look it up if you don’t know it yet!) for my boyfriend: a little wooden Highland cow with ‘I love Scotland’ written on it. Quite expensive for being so small and simple, but very lovely.

So, this was my shoplog from Scotland! I didn’t buy extremely much, but then again: I wasn’t there to shop, but to explore the country ;). Hope you enjoyed reading this and please let me know in the comments if you like Primark. For me it was the first time I went to a Primark and I liked it.

xoxo Celine.


Hi there!

I’m back in Belgium since a few days! Back from my trip to Scotland, which was amazing: lovely views, lovely company, lovely Scottish people, lovely culture.. and very nice food! Also, we were quite lucky with the weather I’d say. Even though the weather was better the week before we arrived, we still couldn’t complain. With an average of 20°C and a few rainy moments once in a while, we were able to walk around without any jackets on most of the time. Ofcourse, it’s Scotland: you can’t expect 30°C and sunshine all day, can you.

Since we were away for about 16 days, I’m not going to tell everything, but I will show you some highlights of our trip to Scotland.

My favorite day was the day we went to Skye. We were lucky to have a beautiful day with open skies, so we could see the amazing nature around us. The main reason you go to Skye is for the nature, since there’s not much more than that. My sister and I did our best to take pictures of it, but you can never get it on camera as it is in real life: it’s breathtaking. Here are some pictures of it, but you should really go and see for yourself to really have an idea of the beauty.
DSC_3754 panorama-1

DSC_3785 panorama-1

On that day, it was also my boyfriend his birthday: he became 23 years! *happy dance* That’s worth mentioning I think 😉 Also a highlight of the trip!

Another highlight for me was the day we went to a Safari Parc in Blair Drummond. Okay, it’s not something you have to go to Scotland for, but since you’re there, it’s fun to do. We saw many animals and I felt like a little kid again! I’ve always liked animals – as long as they don’t come to close to me.
So here are some pictures of that day (the chimp was staring at us really mad as if we were some creeps, all watching at him. Well, actually, we were..):


DSC_3963 - kopie-1


A last highlight I want to share with you is the sunset on the boat during the way back home. We – my boyfriend and I – were standing on the deck, watching the sun go down into the water. It was zo peaceful and beautiful! I know, it’s also a cliché, but it was a really special experience. Two years ago, when we returned from our trip to Northern England, we also watched the sunset together. But for some reason, this time was even more special.


So, that was it about my trip to Scotland. Hope you enjoyed this blog and if you’re thinking about going to Scotland, I’d say: just do it! 😉

Did you ever go to Scotland? And what was your highlight?

xoxo Celine.

DIY flower-canvas


I’m back with another DIY. It’s been a crafty few days for me lately and I’ll tell you why. It al started Saturday, when two of my best friends came over to celebrate our birthdays. Since one of my friends was in Nicaragua for about four months, we couldn’t celebrate our birthdays on that day. So we decided to celebrate them together when she came back. And last Saturday was thé day!
Birthdays go with presents like bees go with flowers, so we exchanged some awesome presents. The present I got was the perfect proof of the fact that my friends really know me: I got many crafting stuff! *happy dance* So the next day, I immediatly started crafting: I made some cute little boxes which I’ll put on this blog later.
They also got me a canvas which was my crafting project of today. In this blog, I’ll tell you more on how I did it. It was really easy!

First, I painted the canvas since I thought it was a bit too white. I used the color ‘clay’ from ‘Home deco, decorative hobby paint’.


Next, when the paint was dry, I added some ‘mauve’ (also from Home deco) with a sponge. I then painted it again with ‘clay’, when the mauve was still wet. By doing this, I created some darker, purple-ish shades which I think give the canvas more character.


Next, I drew some flower-leaves on scrapbook-paper (I chose to use two colors, but you can use as many as you like).


I cut them out en glued them on the canvas. You can use any glue you like, just use the one you are most comfortable with.



And this was the result!

As you can see, it wasn’t hard at all. It was easy, fun and with a nice result!
P.S.: the white you can see on the flowers is some glue that wasn’t yet dry. I just wasn’t patient enough to wait until it was before taking a picture.

Later I will blog about my little boxes, but this was it for today. Make sure to let me know what you think in the comments and ’till next time!


xoxo Celine.

Sand Sculpture Festival Ostend.

Sand Sculpture Festival Ostend.


Yesterday I went to Ostend, to the Sand Sculpture Festival. Every year in july and august, the Festival opens with a new theme (mostly Disney-related). This year the theme was ‘Disneyland Paris’. It’s been many years since I wanted to go but for some reason I never got there. Although, a few years ago (well, actually more like 10 years ago or something) I did go to the Sand Sculpture Festival. The theme then was dinosaurs. Sadly I can’t remember much of it. Anyway, I really wanted to show you guys some pictures of the Festival since it’s so amazing! I have no idea how they do it: to make such beautiful sculptures out of sand. Ofcourse, it’s not normal sand. They put something in it (I have no idea what) so it would last. But still, you have to be a real artist to make something like that! I really enjoyed it.



If you want to know more about the Sand Sculpture Festival, here is the link:

I hope you enjoyed the photos! Also, do you like Disney? Or would you prefer another theme. Let me know in the comments!


xoxo Celine.