Top 3 day – youtube collab videos

Hi there!

I was watching some youtube videos (something I absolutely love doing) and I came up with the idea of making a ‘top three youtubers collab videos’. At the moment, some of my favorite youtubers are Zoella, Alfie, Marcus Butler, Tyler Oakley  and Niomi Smart.

Lately I’m really loving the challenge-videos, just because, you know, they’re really funny. So, here’s what my (current) top three is:

  1. Myler (Marcus and Tyler) are having a great time singing songs with helium. You really have to check the background because sometimes you think it’s just Marcus singing, and then all of a sudden, you can see Tyler in the background, twerking around. Loving it.
  1. The Disney Challenge with Zoella and Tyler. Really simple: I love Zoella. I’m literally watching all of her videos. I absolutely love Tyler (especially in collabs) and I truly love Disney! There’s no better combination than this I’d say.
    By the way, they also decided to do a rematch. If you loved the first video, you’ll really love the second!.
  1. Last but not least: Marcus and Zoella accent challenge. I really like accent-videos. It’s funny how people interpret the ‘sounds’ of different languages. Especially when they try to do Dutch 😉

So I hope you liked this post (I’m feeling like a youtuber saying this). You should definitely check out these videos and let me know what your favorites are!

Xoxo Celine.


Top 3 ~ youtube

Hi guys!

I’ve been thinking. I love making lists and stuff and of many things, I have favorites. And I would love to share them with you! So I decided to make ‘Top 3’-lists. Since today’s Monday, I would love to call it ‘Top 3-Monday’, but I know myself: I would never keep up with it every Monday. So let’s call it: ‘Top 3-day‘.

I hereby declare this day as the very first ‘Top 3-day’! *yeay* ^_^

To start, I’ll make a Top 3 of my favorite youtubers. Here it is:
1. Secretlifeofabionerd
2. bubzbeauty
3. Brennaboo123b

Let’s give a little explanation.
Secretlifeofabionerd: I love her vids. Simple as that. They are all very different and she doesn’t stick with one subject. She talks about fashion, beauty, DIY,… And, I think she’s very pretty *blush*
Bubzbeauty: I can’t really put my finger on it, but there is something about her that always makes me feel good, makes me feel happy. I think it’s her enthousiasm about… well, about everything actually. She makes really good and nice videos, mostly about beauty.
Brennaboo123b: Well, she is manly in my top 3 because I think she’s kinda perfect. She’s stunning, nice and she’s really artistic! She has some videos about her painting and really, I wish I could paint like her.

You should definitely check those three out!


Sooo, again, I would like to know your opinion! Do you agree with my top 3? Who are your favorite youtubers? Comment! ^_^


xoxo Celine.